The diversity, wonder and tolerance of nature are the starting point of products in this season, to guide and inspire children to practice, to observe, to discover, to unfold their stories with nature, and to love, revere and care for nature.




Director: Kimisa H
Photography: Kimisa H
Director of Photography: Philey Sanneh
Producer: Yumi Komatsu
1st AC: John Rivera
PR producer: Frida Oquendo
PA: María Alvarado
Hair Makeup: Emmanuel Negron & Yerlin Quintana
Editor: Vikram Valluri
Sound Designer: Sanche Oisin Ramirez
Recorder: Yumi Komatsu

Featuring: Cosette Finlinson 、Leon Jacobs、Jordyn Even

Special thanks: 
Luis “Ricky” Lopez
Yesenia Vélez @Casa Parcha
Kodak Film Lab NY





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